Santa Fe Little Cigars

Santa Fe Mini Cigars

Let's begin with one simple statement. Santa Fe Little Cigars and Filtered Cigars aren't the same thing, as well as the language is not interchangeable. Little Cigars are considered to become much closer in flavor and draw to traditional Cigarettes and so come with a heftier price. Filtered Cigars alternatively are closer linked to traditional Cigars. They are not intended to be inhaled like cigarettes but alternatively smoked similarly to Premium Cigars.

Filtered Cigars provide a closer smoking experience to traditional Premium Cigars.

Little Cigars give you a similar draw and feel to Cigarettes. The Tobacco found in Little Cigars can be aged or fermented to imbue the many flavors. Cigarettes however contain blends of tobaccos that provide them the specific flavors and aren't aged or fermented. Other than that there aren't many differences. The filters can be similar and the paper the tobacco is wrapped in may be similar as well.

Santa Fe Mini Cigars

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